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Flour Mill Lofts

The Flour Mill Lofts are located at 2000 Little Raven Street on a private cul-de-sac setting at the southwest corner of the City of Curnavaca Park. Originally built in 1906, The Longmont Farmers and Milling Company constructed this stark industrial structure as one of several milling plants in the Central Platte Valley. An old section designed by Frank Edbrooke was destroyed by a fire in 1920. The mill remained in operation until the 1940’s when it then reverted to warehouse, and then was vacant for several decades.

After Dana Crawford successfully sourced private and pubic funding to turn the existing property into residential lofts, the old industrial building gained a neighbor in the form of a complementary loft style tower in year 2000. Cuernavaca Park was also established during the revitalization of the old Flour Mill.

The loft homes here boast unusual industrial quirks and layouts making the building desirable for those who gravitate towards large open spaces, exposed concrete and steel, and soaring ceilings.

Also known as Pride of the Rockies Flour Mill and Hungarian Flour Mill